codebird-php 3.0.0 “Calverley” is released

Welcome to codebird-php 3.0 “Calverley”.

This new major release enables you to easily connect your code to the Twitter REST API, Collections API, Streaming API, TON (Object Nest) API and Twitter Ads API — all from one PHP library.

Please note:

Codebird now requires PHP 5.5 or newer. With PHP 5.3 reaching its end of life back in August 2014 and PHP 7 released in December 2015, this step ensures that Codebird can take advantage of all new and current PHP features without carrying on deprecated ones. With the release of Codebird 3.0, Codebird 2.7 has now reached its end of life.

What’s new in Codebird “Calverley”?

  • With PHP7 just released, we think it’s okay to start requiring PHP 5.5 for Codebird. Don’t be afraid of upgrading your server…
  • We worked hard to add a bunch of new APIs to Codebird, in addition to the REST API:
    • The Twitter Collections API, earlier known as the Custom Timelines API, allows for hand-crafted, curated Tweet lists made by users, for users.
    • The Twitter Streaming API delivers realtime tweets and events right to you, without the need for polling.
    • The Twitter Ads API allows for programmatic access to promotions, campaigns and other stuff within Twitter Ads.
    • The Twitter TON API is a hosting API for distributions and on-air shows.
    • We know that there is also the Twitter Curator API, but we found it too specific for Codebird, for now. You want it? Please open a GitHub issue for it.

Other than that, we’ve also fixed lots of odd stuff:

  • 32-bit systems might have problems with big integers, like the ones generated by Twitter Snowflake ❄️. This is now handled properly in Codebird.
  • New certificates, new CA file. Just in case you want to be secure.
  • Templated methods now process multiple inline parameters properly.
  • You can now set how long Codebird waits until it will stop on a long-downloading remote media file.
  • Profile media uploads (banner, profile image and background) should now work fine again.
  • When you want to get a PHP object as response, you will now get rate-limit info as an object instead of an array.
  • For finding bugs faster, Codebird now runs a unit testing suite for each new commit and version. We’re still working on the code coverage, though.
  • Finally, we refactored Codebird for an easier codebase.

Behind the name

Jublo calls its milestone codenames after places in lovely Yorkshire, England.
Calverley is a village in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, midway between Leeds city centre and Bradford. The first mention of Calverley occurs in the great Domesday Survey compiled for William the Conqueror in 1086.

Reporting issues

If you encounter any problems, please report them in the issue tracker at GitHub.

Details & download

Find the complete changelog, all details and step-by-step instructions for the Codebird features in the CHANGELOG and the extensive README file that comes with codebird-php. The README is also available on

In a hurry? To download this version: