Sharing moments instantly – with Monicard!

Have you ever been on the go and seen a marvellous sunset or a beautiful flower? Now you can share these unique moments with your friends and family. Take a photo and share your special moment with them – on a real, printed postcard.

We created Monicard to make it easy for you to let others see what you see. Digital images are easy to send, but they are nothing special – and often they do not persist.

Postcards – a unique, persistent way to think of someone

This is different with postcards. Real, printed postcards are getting rare in the modern world of Snapchat, WhatsApp and the likes. And yet, there is nothing comparable to a photo that you can hold in hands – especially when there is a personal note or remark by the sender on the backside.

We understand that you will not always have access to a printer, cardboard or stamps. That’s why Monicard makes it easy for you to use what you do have: a smartphone.

Sending a Monicard

  1. For sending a Monicard, just launch the mobile app. Then grab a photo you posted on a social network, open one from your camera roll or take a new photo (for those special moments you need to snap instantly).

  2. Enter a personal note and the recipient address.

  3. After submitting your payment, we print and send the Monicard for you!

Send a Monicard now!