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Joshua Atkins reflects on 2019 – and looks at the year ahead

Annie Kenny

January 1st, 2020

Mobile phone takes a picture of a new year firework

Individuals are tightening up what information they share, and allow companies to use, while GDPR has made businesses understandably very cautious about how they use both historical and new data – and communicate with the end-user.

The challenges – and opportunities – in 2020 for digital firms like ours, is to see how we tackle the shift in regulation and attitude as an industry. 

We must combine a commitment to protecting people’s information, while making the most of some of the digital opportunities coming to market.

Of course, there’s the proverbial elephant in the room too; Brexit and the recent General Election. For Jublo’s translations arm, the market uncertainty has proven challenging for our business – as we work internationally. 

Our clients are not solely in the UK and Europe, and we’re finding it tough to plan on a global scale at the moment – so the closer we get to some sort of resolution or certainty, the better. As such, it’s vital to develop a 2020 strategy around customer focus, building relationships, and ensuring output continues to be of a high-quality – now more than ever.

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