Jublo is a certified UK translation and digital agency based in Leeds.

Jublo makes 50 international appointments following project win

International translations and software agency Jublo has appointed 50 new translators from across the globe, following a significant project win from a leading online retailer.

The Leeds-based tech enterprise was awarded the post-editing translations task in January 2020 and has already bolstered its network of employees from 20 to 70 in order to cater for the demanding, real-time work.

Although details of the client remain firmly under wraps – due to a non-disclosure agreement – the resulting recruitment drive has near-doubled productivity. Having previously translated around 1.2 million words per month, the team can now cater for over 3m. 

Joshua Atkins, founder and managing director of Jublo, said: 

“This is an incredibly proud moment for Jublo. We’re already able to offer round-the-clock support thanks to our wide network of international contractors from South America to Asia, and due to our stringent onboarding process, we have proven already that we are a reliable translation asset to large companies such as this tech giant.” 

We’re excited to work with them in this long-term partnership, and it has provided a real momentum for growth across the business.

Jublo has hired specialists from Spain and the United Arab Emirates to support the workload, as the initial project will need to be translated into Spanish and Arabic – with more languages expected to follow later in the year.

Over the past three years, Jublo has grown from a fledgling start-up, into a business which now employs five permanent and 70 contracted staff, with projected turnover for 2019 expected to be in excess of £250k.

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