Jublo is a certified UK translation and digital agency based in Leeds.

Jublo creates global job opportunities for workers affected by COVID-19

International translations and digital agency Jublo is recruiting native speakers in Spain, Germany, Argentina, Japan and China – in order to provide temporary work for those affected by COVID-19.

The Leeds-based tech enterprise, which employs over 130 people globally, has been connecting with community groups in those areas worst-hit by regional lockdowns, in order to support people who are looking for a secure source of income during the crisis.

Built on a network of gig workers, Jublo has so far appointed almost 100 Spanish and 40 German speakers, with recruitment in the Far East ongoing. As a result, the firm can currently translate upwards of four million words per month.

Joshua Atkins, founder and managing director of Jublo, said: “The nature of our work means Jublo has always utilised an international network of remote workers. For many though, the global pandemic has left millions of people without a stable income.

“While we can’t help everyone, we currently have 5,000 outstanding translation jobs of varying sizes – meaning we have lots of available work. Therefore, when looking at our recruitment strategy, it was important for us focus on offering temporary work for those in the worst-hit areas. Hopefully we can play a small part in overcoming this global crisis.”

Those joining the team are completing a translations project for a leading online retailer – therefore must be professionals or educated to degree standard, in order to uphold the quality of the work.