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A look back at 2020 with Joshua Atkins, and his hopes for the new year

We took a look back at 2020 with our MD and Founder, Joshua Atkins and talked about his hopes for the new year. Read our 10 questions with the boss below:

1. How would you sum up 2020 in 3 words? 

Surprising. Unpredictable. Rollercoaster. 

2. Have you found any new hobbies/interests this year?

I already had a passion for real ale, but this is something I’ve learnt a lot more about this year and really got into. During the summer I also started playing Tennis – I hadn’t played it since I was in school but I really enjoyed it, it feels good to get outside and be active. 

3. What has been the biggest hurdle the business has had to overcome in 2020? 

The biggest difficulty we had was in predicting when projects were going to land and their timelines - we have to plan ahead to ensure we have the resources for a project. We had to adapt the way we deal with customers that had to be remotely based – it’s something that as a business we’re used to but there were a few teething problems for clients. 

4. What are your hopes for the new year?

My biggest hope is that the vaccine is successful (as I’m sure is the same for most people) so that we can get back to building personal relationships with our clients again, its something I’ve really missed in my work life. I’m also hoping that travel restrictions are lifted so that I can do some more travelling which is something I really enjoy.

5. What has been your personal highlight?

Getting my alcohol licence. I used my spare time in lockdown to study for it, and passed my exam. I hope to be able to use it for an exciting side project at some point in the future. 

6. What has been your professional highlight?

The main highlight for me is that despite the uncertainty and challenges of this year we’ve been able to grow the team and managed to secure more clients and projects, growth is something we always strive for – no matter the circumstances. 

7. What was your biggest lesson over the last 12 months?

Dare to make mistakes and make them as quickly as possible – then move on quickly when you have. 

8. What’s been your favourite memory of 2020?

Making the most of a British summer – having bbqs, and spending time outside. I had holidays abroad planned but ended up spending some time in Devon and the Lake District which really made me appreciate being in the UK. 

9. Which trend do we need to leave in 2020?

Home workouts. I’m looking forward to getting back into the gym and having a routine. 

10. And finally, what are you most excited for/looking forward to in 2021?

Getting a miniature dachshund.

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