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3 things to do before you expand your business internationally

So you're ready to grow and enter a new market for your business, but what 3 things should you do before you expand your business internationally?

  • Firstly, Market research – who are your competitors in the new market? What market share do they have already? What does their brand loyalty/equity look like?

  • Secondly, IP advice – when entering a new market or country it is important to check and make sure no other company exists with the same name or any other copyright infringements and if so, seek legal advice about your options.

  • Finally, Translation services – making sure that your product content and brand connects with your audience in their language is often an overlooked way to differentiate your company when entering a new market.

A recent survey by CSA Research found that over 50% of consumer globally would only buy from websites that provide them with information in their own language. A similar number of consumers said that being able to see product information in their native language was more important to them and their buying decision than the price.

So before you take your current website and throw into Google Translate (hoping for the best), we'd advise taking the time to look for and work with a trusted translation company. The difference to your sales could be massive.

We’ve all seen the damage done when companies don’t invest in quality translation and fail to get even get the very basics right. Amazon’s entry into the Swedish market was a notable example, they failed to localise their translations from English to Swedish, allowing offensive words in product descriptions, as well as mistaking the Argentinian flag for the Swedish one.

A reputable translation company will work with native speakers who understand the cultural implications of your content for your new audience, which can help you avoid Amazon's mistakes and any offence but it will also positively benefit your brand. The research shows that by investing in communicating with your audience in their language, they reciprocate by engaging more, and their community feels respected. This approach helps to build their brand loyalty (which is crucial as a new entry to the market).

At Jublo we’re an ISO translation accredited partner, and we already work with international brands including Facebook, global e-retailers as well as software giants. Our team enjoy the challenge of connecting businesses to their audience in their language, our goal is to make your life easier, so you can confidently leave your content (and the website building) to us. And you can keep focused on your business expansion.

We’d love to work with you, and if you are looking to expand your business, we have great news. The Department for International Trade is currently providing an Internationalisation Fund for SME businesses based in England to match fund investment from £1,000 to £9,000 which would include investment into translation services.

Get in touch and find out how Jublo can help your international expansion.

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