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Five Businesses With Great Global Marketing Strategies

Building your business to a position where you are contemplating global strategies is an impressive milestone. It is also a milestone that shouldn't be taken lightly. The last thing you want is for a simple and innocent mistake to set you back. While it isn't impossible to recover from mistakes, if you can avoid them altogether, all the better.

What are global strategies?

Global strategies are essentially marketing strategies that treat the entire world as though they were one audience. They don’t take into account any local audiences. 

Five of our favourite global marketing strategies

While you will want and need to put your stamp on any global marketing strategies you implement, it's always worth looking at brands you admire and deconstructing their campaigns as best you can; it may spark the idea of a lifetime. 

With that in mind, here, in no particular order, are five global strategies from brands we love:

1. Airbnb

This brand, famous for its user-generated content platform, allows people to advertise and rent out their space and use the same approach in their global marketing strategy.

Relying on the power of social media, Airbnb used the hashtag #OneLessStranger and invited users to post images and videos of random acts of kindness using the hashtag. 

They invested $1 million into the campaign, and more than 3 million people took part, with brand visibility reaching even further. The beauty of this campaign was how effortless it seemed. 

Perhaps social media would be an excellent platform for you to launch your global marketing strategy? 

2. Nike

Football is an extremely popular sport worldwide, and Nike invests in international sponsorships to boost its brand visibility. They have kitted out teams across the globe, including in South Africa, Europe, North and South America and more.

Sponsorships can be extremely costly, particularly if you want to see the same level of influences as Nike; however, the brand proves that this approach certainly works. 

3. Red Bull

Similar to Nike, Red Bull also relies on sponsorships within the sports industry, namely the Grand Prix. They also host events across the globe, such as the Red Bull Soapbox Race and the Red Bull Air Race. 

But they took a different approach a few years ago: a PR stunt.

The space dive that everybody knows and loves was heavily branded; it was on the wall at Mission Control, the pod, the skydiver's helmet and even the parachute. 

This $30 million campaign was years in the making and resulted in more than $500 million in sales.

Our favourite thing about this global marketing strategy is that it stands on the shoulders of their previous marketing strategies. You can't get a more extreme sport than a space dive!

Whatever PR campaign or stunt you arrange, don't forget about them once they are complete. One-up them where you can; you may be surprised where the path leads.

4. Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks have taken an entirely different approach in their global marketing strategy. They rely heavily on their content, namely, their ‘cute’ tone of voice. Even when they are talking about a serious topic, such as the environment, they never move away from communicating in a way that makes you smile. 

Whether on their website or through their social media platforms, you’ll always enjoy the same witty style from them. Innocent Drinks grabbed people's attention and haven’t disappointed since. 

When operating globally, make sure that your translations maintain your brand voice as much as possible for continued recognition and success.

5. Dominos

This last global marketing strategy is simple and beautiful; we had to include it in our list. While they have a few campaigns, including offering numerous ways to order from them, their greatest focus seems to be on opening more stores. 

See, simple. And it works. By adding an additional store to an area with three existing stores in Las Vegas, the brand saw revenue increase by $42,000. This strategy works particularly well for them because people expect fast food to be...well, fast. So more stores mean closer proximity to customers and the added option for those customers to come in-store themselves.

With so many avenues to go down when taking your business global, it can be confusing. We believe in partnering with our clients, adding our strengths to yours to increase chances of success. We would love to get to know you, your brand and discuss how our translation and digital marketing services can boost your brand visibility globally.

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