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The Importance Of Branding In An International Market

What is branding?

Branding is essentially coming up with a distinct brand name and logo, allowing your business to be instantly recognisable. This includes having a particular picture or symbol to represent your brand and establish its identity in the market. 

It is the practise of shaping your brand, and having a consistent and recognisable theme throughout all of your advertising and social media campaigns. 

Why is branding important?

There are many reasons as to why branding is important in an international market. Jublo talks you through some of them. 

Improves business reputation

By creating a distinct identity for your business by using a particular image in your logo or a word in your brand name, this will become memorable for consumers and will encourage them to use your business more and more. By associating a particular word or image with your business name/logo, it will be instantly recognisable to consumers.

This will strongly establish your brand in the global market, which will undoubtedly increase its reputation and attract and generate a lot more customers.

Helps your company recover from crises

Branding is also important in an international market as it can help your company survive temporary crises and unexpected situations. This is due to the fact that your brand would have already been established and recognised, with many people trusting your brand.

A known example of this is Toyota, a well known Japanese car manufacturer. In August 2009, they experienced a PR disaster, in which a serious accident was caused by the accelerator getting stuck in a Lexus causing the car to crash. This was due to an all-weather floor mat being installed improperly into the vehicle. Yet despite this, the company focused on branding to re-establish their high quality image and gaining consumer’s trust again, which, in the end, worked very successfully. 

Setting you apart from competitors

Another key advantage to branding is that it can set you apart from your competitors in the global market. As you are no longer only competing in the UK market and have expanded your business internationally, there will undoubtedly be more competition, and therefore, it is so important to stand out. 

Branding can significantly help you do this, as it will allow customers to recognise and remember your brand in particular, meaning that they are less likely to switch to one of your competitors. 

Avoiding cultural mistakes

As you know, branding is important in an international market as you don’t want your brand name or logo to be offensive or mistaken for something else in another language or culture, when translated.

Take Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, SKIMS, for example. The original name for her brand was ‘Kimono’, which was a play on her own name and it aligned with her other brands, KKW Beauty and Kimoji. But to many Japanese people, this was highly offensive and Kim was accused of cultural appropriation. In Japan, the word ‘Kimono’ refers to a traditional long sleeved robe that dates back to centuries ago, and is very popular among Japanese people. Yet Kim’s shapewear line seemingly had no connection to the Japanese robe, which caused a stir on social media until Kim changed the name. 

That’s why it is important to do your research first to come up with the most appropriate brand name or logo, to succeed globally.  Speak with out team today for more information.

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