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Five examples of big brands releasing quirky products as part of their international marketing strategy

When contemplating branching out to an international market, you may be wondering what will get you in front of your new market the fastest. When gathering ideas, it's worth looking to your favourite brands for inspiration. 

What is an international marketing strategy?

An international marketing strategy refers to how you plan to branch out into a new country with your product line. Not to be confused with global marketing, which is where your products are available worldwide, and you implement the same strategy for all of them. With that said, an international marketing strategy can be a significant boost to your global visibility.

Five international marketing strategies using quirky products

Here are five examples of quirky product launches targeting specific countries that caught our attention:

Kit Kat bars available in Japan only

From mashed and boiled green soybeans to Japanese chilli pepper, wasabi and more, Kit Kat has made quite a name for themselves in Japan with their exciting products. While some of these may not be to everybody's taste, it's a fascinating approach to international marketing. 

Unusual Coca-Cola flavour in Brazil

Coca-Cola releases various flavours to keep customers coming back time and time again. Some flavours include cherry, vanilla, lime and more, but there's one flavour that is only available in Brazil - Kuat. This is flavouring from a local berry, called guarana, used in multiple energy drinks throughout the country, so it makes sense that the brand launched a product targeting this flavour. Coca-Cola choices include guarana or guarana-orange.

You’ll only find this McBurger in the U.S.

McDonald's is one of the many fast-food chains that target people on the go or pushed for time. You can order your meal, and within a couple of minutes, you're driving off with your order of sitting down to eat. 

You wouldn’t expect the fanciest of food from a brand like this, so hearing that they have a lobster burger, the McLobster, in the U.S. is a real attention grabber. 

Pizza Hut is a classic experience in Dubai

If you want to relive your childhood, head to Pizza Hut in Dubai! You’ll sit in a classic booth, enjoy the salad bar and order classic pizza. But, if you’re looking for something different that you won’t find in just any Pizza Hut, why not order the chicken Shawarma pizza?

A special Starbucks drink in the U.K.

It's highly likely that if you know what's included in a Starbucks drink that's only available in a specific country, you can request it, and it'll be whipped up for you. But U.K. customers can enjoy a Butterscotch Brûlée latte from their local Starbucks without having to list off several ingredients.

Using inspiration for your international marketing campaign

When expanding into international markets, it's always a good idea to stay as up to date with as many brands and their approaches as possible. This isn't to steal or copy ideas, after all, you can't have a similar product to another brand and still be considered 'quirky', but more to measure what's successful and what isn't. By being as educated as possible about the country you're targeting, your product launch stands a greater chance of success. 

The team at Jublo are marketing problem solvers, so if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea to launch your new product line overseas, get in touch.  

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