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Does Your Business Need An App?

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Over the last century, businesses have been told that they need to invest in so many things to help them to connect with their customers and build stronger revenue streams. From business cards and marketing brochures to anonymous feedback surveys and websites; businesses have spent millions of pounds to get and stay ahead of the curve.

The truth is, not every business needs to invest in every sales and marketing tool available to be successful, but selecting the right avenues to invest your finances into is an important and sometimes difficult decision.

What is an App?

A mobile application, abbreviated most commonly to just an App, is a software application that has been designed to operate from a mobile device, such as a mobile phone.

Native applications are designed specifically to interface with a mobile operating system, such as iOs and Android. While web apps are written in HTML5 or CSS and are designed to operate through a web browser (such as Google Chrome).

It is in native applications where businesses are encouraged to invest most often.

What are the 3 benefits of having an App?

Investing in a mobile app can bring significant benefits to your business; and these benefits can extend beyond the economics of revenue. Here we unpack 3 of the key benefits that could multiply the value of your business.

1) It’s a Direct Marketing Channel
How much do you spend on Social Media Advertising, Google AdWords, Direct Marketing, Telemarketing and SEO every month just to get your latest products and product offers in front of customers that have shopped with you previously? I imagine it is a lot if you are a DTC (direct-to-consumer) business.

Having a mobile app sitting on an existing customer’s phone cuts out so much of the noise that your competitors can make and puts you right at the fingertips of your customer.

2) Kill the Competition
If you are operating in a niche industry, or an industry that is a little antiquated; developing a mobile app is probably going to shift into a gear above where your competitors can get to quickly; as even if your competitors copy you, it’ll take time, and you’ll already have had the opportunity to capture the market.

Giving your customers something that your competitors can’t is just another business USP to add to your existing marketing mix; and it kills the competition.

3) Improve your Customer Engagement
Rationally, the more regular touchpoints that you have with your customers the more likely they are to return to you when they need you (and when they don’t, but are feeling impulsive). A mobile app can significantly increase your levels of customer engagement.

Push notifications, messaging services, content updates on the app and account logins are all tools that are built into native apps and web apps.

3 Questions to ask to determine if you need an App 

“All the big businesses have them, so I need one for my business too” seems to be the most common reason why business owners believe that they should invest in an App for their business. There are many benefits to having an app, but you need to ask yourself these 3 key questions before investing money in the process.

1) Do you have the bandwidth?
No, when we say bandwidth we don’t mean, do you have strong enough internet for an app. What we’re asking is do you have the resources to acquire, maintain and advance an app to add value to your business.

Developing an app is a one-off financial commitment; but maintaining it, updating it, and getting your app in front of your prospective and current clients may come with further costs and a substantial time commitment. It is prudent to make sure that you understand the resources needed before jumping into any development.

2) Is your business a one-time-thing?
Some businesses will only ever see their customers once in a lifetime, as is the nature of the product that they sell. If you are a radiator ecommerce company selling reliable products with 25 year guarantees, it is unlikely that your business will benefit from a mobile app; as your customers are unlikely to return in a reasonable timeframe no matter how hard you push them.

However, if you are a food meal prep company looking to improve your client retention rate through serving recipe ideas, and lifestyle content then a mobile app is likely to be the perfect addition to your marketing mix.

3) Would it benefit your business to be more visible?
The average UK adult spends 4 hours and 8 minutes using their mobile phone everyday, a huge increase from the sub 3 hour daily screen times that were typical pre coronavirus.

This means that just the presence of a mobile app on a customers phone is likely to build more brand presence in a customers mind than a multi-million pound TV advertising campaign. If your business sells impulse purchases or products of regularly need, having app presence on thousands of phones could boost your revenue significantly.

How much does it cost to develop an App?

A simple web app or mobile app can cost as little as £x,xxx; however many of these simple builds will have limitations that could limit your scope of use after launch, so recommend investing in a bespoke app solution. While bespoke solutions may cost more, the value-add to your business is multiples stronger.

How Jublo can help

Here at Jublo we have a full stack of marketing services that help businesses to reach their customers better, and more cost effectively; and this includes our app development service. Our team of experts can work with you from inception and design through to delivery and beyond.

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