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What is the purpose of a website?

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More than 83% of the businesses in the UK have a website and on average these businesses redesign their websites every 31 months; so why are the majority of businesses committing more than £25,000 every decade on their websites?

The 5 most common purposes of a website

With so much time, money and energy being spent on building a website, and even more time and money being spent on keeping them updated with a plethora of content ranging from product images to blog articles; what are the most common reasons to invest in a website?

1) Sell Products / Services
It is expected that more than 2.14bn people will buy products or services online in 2021; an increase of just over 100m people compared to 2020’s numbers. With this in mind, it is of no surprise that there are estimated to be between 15m and 22m ecommerce businesses across the globe, with more and more being established every day.

So one of the primary reasons for your business to invest in a website is to enable you to sell your products and services to the vast audience that is waiting to buy.

2) Increase Trust and Authority
One of the first things that we do as shoppers when we see something that we like is ‘Google it’. But what if you aren’t there when someone Google’s your business name or your products?

It is probable that the prospective customer will shop with another version of you, a competitor that has more web presence.

If you are a startup or a young business that no one has heard of you may lose sales because of your lack of reputation and a nervousness over whether you’ll be able to deliver. The concern that your business may be a scam, or incapable of honouring work that’s been paid for could really hold you back in your quest to build a profitable business.

Why? Because your business committing to the cost of a website has a symbolic meaning to your audience. It means that you are serious about your business and you can be trusted with their money.

3) Educational & Informational
There is no doubt that in the main, websites are launched for commercial benefits by businesses or sole traders who are looking to sell a product or service. But there are millions of websites live across the globe, whose sole purpose is to provide information and education.

The fifth most visited website in the world is Wikipedia with more than 255 million page views per day; and it is the biggest and most issued educational and informational website in the world.

4) Express your Creativity
Not everybody builds a website with the primary intention of making money. There are millions of websites online which have uses outside of creating revenue for a business.

For creatives, having a website can be an outlet for their art; whether their art is written, spoken, danced or drawn. This gives a creative person a way of sharing their talent with the world and it can also serve as a digital diary that you can check back into in later years too. 

For professionals, having a website can be a great way to take your CV to the next level and to demonstrate your employability to prospect employers in a way where other job candidates aren’t. You can upload previous examples of your work to demonstrate your capabilities, and list off your voluntary and paid work experience in a well designed way.

5) Entertainment
20 Years ago the primary source of entertainment in the home was confined to the TV and radio, a situation where a family would centre around 1 TV and watch 1 channel at a time. A lot has changed since then, the introduction of mobile apps, gaming consoles, WiFi TV’s, data enabled phones, social media platforms and video streaming platforms has broadened the entertainment opportunities that we get in our homes.

There are millions of websites on the internet whose primary purpose is to create and share content for the purposes of entertainment. 

How Jublo can help

Whether you are looking for a website to push your business forward, to express your creativity, or to set you off on a career as a content creator; Jublo can help you with your web design requirements. Learn more about our web development services here, or get in touch with us. 

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