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What Brands Can Learn From TikTok's Localisation Strategy

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TikTok is an incredibly powerful tool - they gained over one billion uses in the span of a couple of years, that’s quite impressive. How did they acheive this successful global domination? Through the implementation of an effective localisation strategy.  

With this business having done this so successfully, we thought it would be helpful to look at their localisation strategy and see where other businesses could learn, so that they too may experience international growth and success. 

What can businesses learn from TikTok's localisation strategy? 

In today’s increasingly integrated, global world, no business is bound by geographical limitations. As such, it’s important for companies to consider developing strong international marketing strategies. When moving into new, foreign markets, it’s essential to ensure that your marketing strategy is tailored to that specific market. 

To ensure that a business's marketing message is adapted to that specific language or culture, a localisation strategy is necessary. One company that has done this successfully in recent years is TikTok. 

When it comes to content, language matters

When entering a new market, its unlikely that anyone will know your brand - you need to build awareness, trust and loyalty. Research shows that communicating with buyers - be it businesses or customers - in their native language can help do this. 

Now, when when we’re talking about communication, we’re not simply talking about your website. All your content should be localised. And it’s not simply language that should be considered, but context as well as business is conducted differently throughout the world. 

This has been integral to TikToks success and all translations undergo proofreading before the team rolls out a new update. Linguists also perform monthly QA to ensure quality.

Take advantage of influencer marketing and partners 

This is something TikTok and even other social media platforms like Instagram, have used successfully. TikTok often partners with local talent agencies in order to partners with celebrities and other types of influencers to promote their platform. 

In a B2B context, you may not exactly need an influencer but more of a local partner who can help you communicate your company’s unique selling point. 

Understand the culture

Language is not the only aspect of culture. TikTok establishes a #Hashtag that acts as a brief to the creators who then take it forward popularising the content.

As a B2B company, you may not need hashtags, but staying up-to-date with relevant local publications will also allow you to avoid any risky posts or PR disasters, while also getting a better understanding of local conversations and consumer behaviour. 

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