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Who Needs Translation Services

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The world is becoming smaller and more connected day by day. We’re in the digital age after all, which means that companies business operations, big or small, are no longer confined to certain geographical regions. 

With the increased ease of taking business internationally comes the growing need for high-quality translation services. Whether it’s an advertising campaign, a legal contract or a website, businesses need to make use of reliable translation services to ensure that the message they are sending out resonates with their target audiences. 

But, do all businesses really need translation services? Find out whether you’re business falls within an industry that should consider using translation services. 

Why do businesses need translation services?

In order to enter a new market, you will likely find that you need to translate existing documents for your new audiences. This will help to foster a close relationship with your clients or customers as well as increase your businesses credibility. 

Whilst digital offerings like this are being improved; nothing compares to the authenticity and accuracy of a real human translator. Not every word has a direct translation into your chosen language, so it’s important to sculpt your text into something that makes sense and is as effective in every tongue.  

Failure to sense check translations can cause serious problems for brands - if they are so unfortunate as to cause offence to a culture, it can be detrimental. There are numerous advertising translation failures out there to convince you to use a quality business translation service. 

What kind of companies need translation services?

Almost any company in any industry should use translation services. However, some may need it more than others. If you’re considering expanding your businesses and moving across borders, be sure to see which types of companies should make use of translation services. 

Medical & Healthcare

Think about being stuck in a foreign country, experiencing an injury and not being able to explain to the doctor what’s wrong. It’s these types of situations that make it vital for this industry to have sufficient translation services. This is not only important for a patient but also so that a doctor can accurately convey information such as prescriptions and medicine dosages. 

In addition to this, pharmaceutical companies looking to expand their operations internationally will likely require translation services to ensure they have their admin and paperwork in order. 

Legal services

In an increasingly globalised world, it’s easy to see why law firms would require translation services. With firms taking on more international clients, these companies will need to be able to interpret documents ranging from court cases to interviews in order to use the information in legal proceedings. 

Any mishaps with translations in this industry could have detrimental effects. Thus, they will require expert legal translation services to ensure they understand the information correctly. 

Tourism & travel industry 

Travel is on the up, which means that the travel and tourism industry should take advantage of language translation services. The need comes from some destination websites offering accommodation and travel packages in the local language, as well as printed material found at tourism centres, like brochures. The translation service needed will depend on the type of tourists who most frequently visit the area. 

Entertainment industry

Have you seen some of the latest Netflix shows, like Money Heist (originally known as Casa de Papel)? Well, it’s media like this that requires translation services. 

Apart from movies, there are also books, video games and TV series that require these services. In such cases, it’s very important to get the underlying meaning of words right to convey the right message in translation. 

Financial services

Globalisation has made international business seamless. However, translation within this industry does not simply pertain to consumer to business deals but also imports and financial transfers. This all requires an extensive amount of documentation to be completed thus translation services would be needed for this. Over and above this, translation in this industry would require extensive legal and financial knowledge, which implies that free translation services, such as Google Translate, are insufficient tools for this type of in-depth translation. 


Consumers are increasingly looking to make their purchases online. So, companies within this industry need to ensure that they have their websites translated into several languages so as to serve a broad customer base.  

Manufacturing industry

As we’ve said before, globalisation has changed the world we operate in. This also pertains to the manufacturing industry, where you often see companies outsourcing their manufacturing processes to cheap, third world countries. 

In such a setting, there will be ample paperwork that needs to be translated, such as marketing material, tax certificates, sales reports and more. Any mistakes here could lead to significant miscommunication or even legal implications. 

Scientific research

As with business, science has also gone global, with there being increased cooperation and collaboration between scientists from different countries. Thus, translation services may be required to help with correspondence between scientists but also to translate scientific research papers into numerous languages. 

Business translation services

At Jublo, we have a network of over 160 linguists across the globe, all highly-skilled and experienced at working in different industries. We can help you to expand your business by taking the stress out of the translation process. If you’d like to know more about our translation services, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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