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Do You Really Need PPC Translation Services?

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Are you deliberating whether or not you need PPC translation services? Going international and offering your services and products in new markets is very exciting. But it is also undoubtedly stressful, and there are many things to think about. 

We get it; you want to keep your overheads low while increasing your reach. But expanding your market will be futile if you cannot effectively communicate your offerings to your new market. And since PPC translates to pay-per-click advertising, you want that investment to translate into sales. 

Keep reading to find out what multilingual PPC is, the benefits and advantages of PPC translation, and how we can help you. 

What is multilingual PPC?

Multilingual PPC, also known as international PPC, tailors campaigns according to specific areas and languages. Going beyond mere direct translation, multilingual PPC takes into account the different jargon, cultural context and values of the target audience. This approach is far more likely to engage potential customers.

If your advertisements translate awkwardly, in a way that the viewer can tell was not specifically meant for them, they will very likely fall flat. After all, people want to feel seen, heard and respected, and haphazardly translating your campaigns will generate the opposite feelings. For this reason, a major focus of multilingual PPC is target market-specific campaigns.

How is PPC translation achieved?

At Jublo, we achieve such excellent PPC translation because we have built and cultivated a multicultural workplace. We have employees from all over the world who understand and sympathise with the context of many different cultures and markets.

We achieve PPC translation through localised campaigns. Since even English to English translations is culturally and locally specific, we focus on the specific context of the areas where your business is broadcasting its advertisements. 

From ad copy to landing pages and keywords, we translate your entire PPC campaign to suit your burgeoning new market. Of course, international SEO is also important and requires dedicated input, but PPC is a great place to start when taking your business international.

Benefits of PPC translation

One of the main benefits of PPC translation is that PPC is instant. While SEO takes time to convert, PPC can get you on top of search results quickly, without having to wait to rank. It can therefore promptly promote your business to your target audience, drive warm leads and generate sales. For these reasons, focussing on international PPC is a great start when expanding into new markets.

Advantages of PPC

The advantages of PPC are numerous. Here are the top five benefits of pay-per-click advertising:

  1. PPC ads allow you to have control over your budget, target audience and placements, making them cost-effective for their reach.

  2. PPC ads can drive instant traffic to your site and have a positive ROI.

  3. PPC user data can help your SEO and social media strategies.

  4. With the help of PPC metrics, you can create a multi-layered advertising approach.

  5. Algorithm changes do not affect PPC, so your campaigns can be effective during and after changes have been implemented across Google.

Jublo PPC services

Our translating and marketing services allow you to use one dedicated company to create all of your targeted PPC campaigns. Whether you’re expanding into one country or ten, we can help you to reach your target audience wherever you go. 

With our multilingual and multicultural team of translators, we can take into account the cultural context, ideas, values, jargon and slang of your new market. Allowing you to focus on all the other important aspects of expanding internationally.

To find out more about how we can help your business grow, get in touch with us.

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