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The Importance of Translation in the Travel Industry

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Did you know that there are over 7,100 languages spoken in the world? This staggering quantity of different languages represents a diverse and varied world. One that we love to travel and explore. 

While it is impossible to translate your travel and tourism offerings into over 7000 languages, correctly translating them correctly into the languages of the countries you operate in is crucial. Since your website, brochure or social media account will portray your company and communicate what you have to offer, you want to do it right. 

In this post, Jublo looks at the purpose of translating, its social significance, and other important aspects of translation in travel.

Purpose of translation in the travel industry

Travel and tourism translations are very important to get right because they will make an impression on your audience and potential customers. In order to stand out amongst the competition and have your potential customers choose your services, you need to display strong trust signals. Low-quality translations would do the opposite, and will often convince customers to avoid you altogether.

Translation for tourism often also includes the translation of terms and conditions and booking clauses, and it is critical that this is accurately translated. Otherwise, you may end up with more than simply disgruntled customers.

Social significance of translation 

Here at Jublo, we don’t simply translate your words into another language. We take into account the culture, tone and local lingo of the country we’re translating for, which enables your content to authentically connect with your customers, while no meaning is lost from the original. 

Translation is also socially significant because different customers have different expectations. From many years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we know that the language, tone and voice we use for those planning an active adventure would differ from those seeking an all-inclusive-family holiday, and again from those looking for an intimate, romantic experience. The intent of the customer must therefore be taken into account.

5 reasons translation in travel is important

Now that we’ve looked at the purpose of translation and its social significance, here are the five main reasons why it’s important:

Helps potential customers to find you

The tourism sector has plenty of competitors, and it can be difficult to stand out. Since potential customers will generally search Google (and other search engines) in their native tongue, translating your offerings correctly will help them find you.

Correct, professional translation builds trust

Websites that have incorrect spelling, grammar, and wording can look unprofessional, which often leads customers to wonder if other aspects of the service offered will be lacking too. Accurate translations will build confidence in your business.

Language barriers can turn away potential customers

Language barriers are one of the trickiest aspects of our modern, international world. When travelling, many customers want to be sure that the company they book with have at least a rudimentary understanding of their language, as this offers a level of comfort.

Your offerings are likely expensive

In the tourism industry, things are generally more expensive than what a customer would pay for a weekend away in their own country. So customers want to be confident in the company they book with, especially if your services extend into hotels, flights, experiences and more. Poor translation will make it less likely that these potential customers will be willing to hand over their hard-earned cash to your company.

You can attract tourists from different countries

While it is most important to translate your services into the language of the country you’re working in, don’t stop there. Research the growing markets in tourism, and find out where most of the tourists are coming from. You can then have your website translated into the most popular languages too, in order to attract tourists from those growing markets. This is a great way to grow your business. 

If you want to grow with Jublo, contact us today. We have many years of experience in the travel industry and have built many profitable partnerships with expanding businesses.

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