Coding is fun. Apps are, too.

We ♥️ coding—and apps. So, whether you’re a developer or a user, grab the project you’re interested in. We’re sure there is something you like!

  • new

    MP3 Fuser

    Merge multiple MP3s into one. Available as macOS app.

  • AlanKay

    Show or hide your desktop icons. Available as macOS preference pane.

  • BingWallpaper

    See the Bing wallpaper on your desktop. Available as Windows and macOS app.

  • Codebird

    Join the flock and tweet with Codebird. Available in JS and PHP.

  • Monty

    Connect and communicate with any MySQL/MariaDB server. Available in PHP.

  • OAuth validator

    Validate OAuth authentication signatures. Available in PHP.

  • Shapecode

    Upload, edit and retrieve Shapeways 3D models. Available in PHP.