The Bing search engine truly opens up our eyes to the world. Each day, we see a unique perspective that we would never be able to see on our own. BingWallpaper is a Jublo tool that sets your Windows and Mac desktop wallpaper to the Bing image of the day.

You have a fancy Full HD screen? We got you covered—BingWallpaper is loading the Bing background in 1920x1080 pixel resolution. On smaller screens, the wallpaper should be scaled down perfectly.


Setting BingWallpaper up is as simple as downloading the package, extracting the executable to a folder of your choice (best outside of \Program Files), starting it*, and adding a link to the executable to your Startup folder.

BingWallpaper has no visible interface, and that is intended: A background process will monitor the Bing website hourly to check for a new wallpaper. The small app is portable and downloads the current Bing image to the same folder where the executable is stored.

Tip: For quitting after setting the wallpaper, add the --quit parameter.


On Macs, download and extract the BingWallpaper app, and double-click it in order to update your desktop wallpaper. The picture is downloaded to your ~/Pictures folder.

The Mac version does not stay active for hourly checks, because otherwise you’d see a rotating cog icon in your menu bar. If you want to keep checking, add a cronjob item or a Calendar event.

It’s also recommended to add a login item for BingWallpaper to your System Preferences.

Free download: BingWallpaper for Windows and Mac

* Windows SmartScreen may complain about this app being insecure. It is not, so you may safely click the “More info” link in order to start the app anyways.