Merge your MP3s into one file with just one click! Use MP3 Fuser to listen to the same songs in the same order, or to fuse multiple chapters of your favourite audio book.


Follow these steps to get up and running in no time:

  1. Download the MP3 Fuser app to your Mac.

  2. Double-click the installed app from your Applications folder or in Launchpad.

  3. Fusing your MP3s is as easy as dragging them to the MP3 Fuser window.

  4. Now you can sort the audio files in your desired order.

  5. You’ll then find the fused MP3 in your Music folder.

  6. In the Preferences, you can pick a different target folder if you want.


MP3 Fuser is compatible and tested on macOS High Sierra, but also works on Sierra. Compatibility issues? Please let us know.