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The key to international growth is knowing the language. Not just when it comes to the art of semantics – but in linguistic terms too. As an international translation agency, we’re fluent communicators in over 8 languages - and only work with hand-picked native experts - to help you reach greater audiences. We don't subcontract our projects, so we can ensure that the high-quality work we're known for is always provided.

Jublo - Leeds - UK Based

We listen and adapt to you

The secret to our success is the flexibility to adapt to your network and processes – rather than you to ours. We’ll receive – and return – your documents in the format you need, taking care of conversion, translation, editing, proof reading and a final check during the process.

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We don’t just work with people, we become partners, building honest, long-term relationships that mean we’ve never had to say goodbye. And that’s something we are incredibly proud of.

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We are accredited and are in the process of submitting an
ATC accreditation.

Jublo - Leeds - UK Based

We translate everything

No job is too big – or small. Our team of experts can tackle anything from advertising copy, presentations, video subtitles and operating instructions, through to entire books, websites and training manuals. We’re also certified to handle contracts, business and legal papers.

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We work closely with some of the worlds most trusted brands as well as local organisations.

Frequently asked questions

Translation services are required when companies need to translate texts for different audiences. This might be for a variety of reasons – marketing, legal purposes and information being the most common. Translators will rewrite the text in the chosen language(s) to fit your brief.

Many companies who try to cut corners by using services like Google Translate, often find that the true meaning gets ‘lost in translation’. Using translation companies who employ native speakers guarantees that your message is effectively conveyed how it was first intended, and to a high quality.

This is dependent on the task – straight translations take on averag4e 1 day per 1,000 words. Other translation services include subtitling, editing, transcreation and MTPE, which may take longer as they involve more extensive processes. Jublo can currently support the translation of over 3 million words per month.

For legal documents to be approved for use they must be translated by a certified translator – and will be signed and stamped to indicate so. This is to ensure that the contents are a directly translation and the meaning remains the same.

Achieving and maintaining accreditations means constantly reviewing and ensuring that translators have the best training and qualifications and produce high quality services. This also means that any work produced is accurate and verified.

Jublo - Leeds - UK Based

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We believe that our people are at the heart of our success. We are proud to empower our team of developers, project managers and linguists to work the hours that suit their lives and commitments. We want you to get the most out of Jublo and in turn we know that this approach means we will get the best of you too.