Entering a French-speaking market from an English one requires a lot of time, energy and focus. It’s not just as simple as adapting your website or setting up a shop or office in France. You need an extensive understanding of the new market – how to connect with a fresh audience, represent your brand and position yourself as the best choice.

Who better to help you navigate these waters than a company who not only appreciates the importance of your undertaking but also has a network of native-speaking linguists with experience in your industry to help you succeed?


Whether you are interested in expanding your reach to France, or another country where French is an official language, our team of linguists can help you enter a new market and achieve your goals.

We never outsource our French translations. Instead, we work with native speakers who have experience across a range of sectors. Working with someone who understands your market puts you ahead of your competition and enables you to really hit the ground running.

Just some of the sectors our native linguists have operated in include:


Whatever your business offering, we will allocate your project to a member of the team who has the most experience in your industry.

Translating English to French

We can adapt every aspect of your business, from internal communications, contracts and processes to advertising documentation both online and offline. Not only that, but every document you send to us will be returned in the same style, format and file-type. We believe in working to your processes rather than expecting you to shoehorn your offering into an approach that suits us.

Once we have translated your documents, we carry out as many reviews as possible until we are entirely happy with the outcome.

You could run your document through a translation tool; however, without the additional input and sense check from a human being, there’s a chance you will miss out on effectively communicating in your brand’s style, tone and voice. Not to mention that a tool can’t take into consideration the cultural requirements that gets you and your audience off on the right foot.

Don’t forget that when branching out into a fresh market, the smallest inconsistency or faux pas can be extremely damaging. Using a tool alone increases the chances of this happening.

We wrote a blog post about the importance of using a human translator, you can read more about it here.

French is an official language in 28 independent nations in addition to France:

BelgiumCentral African RepublicEquatorial GuineaMadagascarSenegal
Burkina FasoComorosGuineaMonacoTogo
CameroonDjiboutiIvory CoastRwanda
CanadaDR CongoLuxembourgSeychelles

Whether you want to target France or another French-speaking country, we will ensure your message meets your audience in the best way possible.

Here is an example of the quality of the translation you can expect when you partner with us. However, keep in mind that our translations will always be done with your brand style, tone and voice in mind. So, your finished pieces will likely look different from this.

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